The Strawberry River runs about 18 miles from the Wasatch Mountains to the Duchesne River.

Course: The Strawberry River begins in the Wasatch Mountain’s, just east of Daniels Canyon, just north of Trail Hollow area, and south of the Timber Lakes area. From here the Strawberry river flows south and crosses highway 40 then flows southeast towards Strawberry Reservoir. The river exits the reservoir at the Soldier Creek dam southward then travels east somewhat parallel to highway 40. Red Creek and and Avintaquin Creek both empty into Strawberry River and where it continues to follow the Strawberry River east. From here the Strawberry River empties into Starvation Reservoir. The Strawberry River exits from the Starvation dam and finally empties into the Duchesne River.

Tributaries: Avantiquan Creek, and Red Creek , Bryants Fork, Chicken Creek, Chipman Creek, Clyde Creek, Co-Op Creek, Coal Canyon, Cow Hollow, Indian Creek, Little Co-Op Creek, Mud Creek, Pine Hollow, Sage Creek, Road Hollow, Soldier Creek, Squaw Creek, Trail Hollow, and Trout Creek.

Blue Ribbon: The section of the river from the Soldier Creek Dam to Red Creek is recognized as a Blue Ribbon Fishery. the section of the river from Starvation Reservoir dam to the Duchesne River is also recognized as a Blue Ribbon Fishery.

Fishing Regulations: Strawberry River: From the confluence with Red Creek, near Pinacles, upstream to Soldier Creek Dam. Artificial flies and lures only. No overnight camping on division land.
Strawberry Reservoir Tributaries: (a) Indian Creek and all tributaries to Indian Creek, Squaw Creek, the Strawberry River from Strawberry Reservoir upstream to USFS Road 124 (Bull Springs Road), Co-op Creek from the confluence with the Strawberry River upstream to US-40, and the Central Utah Project Canal (commonly known as the “steps” or “ladders”) from the fenced-in upper concrete step structure upstream to the tunnel at US-40 CLOSED TO FISHING YEAR AROUND.
Strawberry Reservoir Tributaries: (b) The Strawberry River and it’s tributaries upstream from USFS Road 124 (Bull Springs Road) to the headwaters, Co-op Creek and its tributaries upstream from US-40 to the headwaters, Soldier Creek, Coal Canyon, Cow Hollow, Trout Creek, Sage Creek, Chicken Creek, Little Co-op Creek, Clyde Creek, Mud Creek, Bryants Fork, Horse Creek, Chipman Creek, Trail Hollow, Broad Hollow, Pine Hollow, Badger Hollow and Road Hollow. Artificial flies and lures only. The use or possession of bait while fishing is illegal. Closed May 15 through 6 a.m. on the second Saturday of July, and from September 1st through 6 a.m. on the second Saturday of October.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Strawberry Reservoir, Currant Creek, Currant Creek Reservoir, Red Creek, Starvation Reservoir, Lake Canyon Lake,