Directions: Farmington Pond is located in Davis County, Utah. The address is 750 North, 75 West Farmington.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass, Wiper, Channel Catfish, Rainbow Albino, Brook Trout, Bluegill, and Cutthroat.

Fishing Regulations: Farmington Pond falls under the community pond fishing regulations of Utah. The daily limit is 2 fish. Anglers are encouraged to voluntarily release all Largemouth Bass. Waters are open to fishing only when the community parks are open to the public. Farmington Pond is closed during the winter. Please keep pets on leashes.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Adam’s Reservoir, Bountiful Lake, Clinton Pond, Jensen Park Pond, Kaysville Ponds, Mabey Pond, Steed Pond.