Millsite Reservoir is located in Emery County, Utah near the city of Ferron. For perspective the reservoir is located 165 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, From highway 6 in Price take UT-10 south for 41.2 miles to Ferron. Turn east onto Canyon Road and follow it for 4.2 miles. There is signs for the state park and golf course. The reservoir was built on an impoundment of Ferron Creek, at the base of Ferron Canyon.

Fish Species

Rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout and splake are the most likely catch. Utah Chub and bluehead sucker are a possible catch.

Each year Rainbow trout makes up the majority of fish stocked. Up until 2014, Splake and tiger trout were stocked every other year. Then the lake was mostly drained for the dam repair construction. The DWR didn't stock the lake from 2015 to 2018. There is a good population of cutthroat trout that live and spawn in Ferron Creek. So the cutthroat numbers were stable. Although all the other fish species couldn't sustain them selves. Of course Tiger Trout and Splake can't breed, but the rainbow trout numbers decreased quite a bit. In 2019 the DWR planted 8,022 rainbow trout at a 10" average.Then in 2020, 5952 rainbow trout at 10" were stocked. 2020 also saw splake being introduced again. 5059 splake at 3" were planted. Splake were planted again in 2022, and 2023. This has helped increase the splake population greatly.

Fish Advisory

In 2017, splake were added to the fish consumption advisory for elevated levels of mercury. This doesn't mean that you can't eat splake caught at Millsite. For instance Pregnant women and children can have one, 4 oz meal per month. Women that are child bearing should limit splake to two, 8 oz meals per month. Women that are child bearing are in the highest risk category for mercury related issues. Adult women past child bearing age and men older than 16 can have the following. Up to seven, 8 oz meals a month of splake.

Millsite On Ice

Each year there is a ice fishing tournament held on the lake in January. The tournament is called Millsite On Ice. Of all the ice fishing tournaments I've fished in this is by far one of the best. The fee is typically around $50 per person. This tournament is unique in that all of the entry money goes directly into prizes. Because of this the prizes end up being pretty good. Each tournament has an adult and kids division. In 2021 the tournament moved to a 2 day tournament for the first time. With the first day being a team tournament and the second day being a single tournament.

2021 1st place team Eric Luke and Austin Leonard with a 20" cutthroat. 1st Place Individual Korey Roberts 22.5" rainbow.
2020 1st place 1st Kaylei Jones 21 6/8" trout
2019 1st place Aryanna Gourdin with a 22 1/4″ rainbow.
2018 Postponed due to unsafe ice and instead becomes an ice off tournament. 1st place Robert Phelps 28 1/2″ trout.

Millsite State Park

The park offers 20 camping spots with electricity. Ten of those spots also offer water hookups.

There are two restrooms one of which has hot showers. The park also offers free WiFi which is pretty cool.

There are two dump stations, and two boat ramps. There are two pavilions

ATV and Offroad

The reservoir lies in the base of Ferron Canyon. If you head up Ferron Canyon you can access the popular Arapeen OHV trail and Skyline Drive. If you have an ATV that is 66" or less then I recommend the Black Dragon ATV Trail. From the Reservoir, travel 3.6 miles up Ferron Canyon Road. Take the Ferron Canyon picnic turn and continue onto Forest ATV Trail 035. The road is also known as Black Dragon ATV trail, not to be confused with the similarly named Black Dragon Wash trail. After 1.8 miles the trail connects to Forest Road 0170. You can take this road to Joes Valley Reservoir.


1940 - Geological studies determine Millsite Reservoir to be a good location on Ferron Creek. Although the project is deemed infeasible because of heavy debris brought down by the stream.

1964 - Ferron water users and the stockholders of Ferron Canal and Reservoir company vote on proposal to create Millsite Reservoir watershed.

1965 - over 60 public meetings held on the subject.

1969 Strong Construction Co of Springville, secures the construction contract with a bid of $3,333,333.00. Groundbreaking June 16, 1969.

1971 - Dedication of the dam was conducted on June 11th, 1971. The keynote address was given by governor Calvin L. Rampton.  There were several speakers at the dedication and the South Emery jr high band played. After the dedication there was a large celebration with a lamb fry. The reservoir is closed to fishing to allow the water levels to increase and the fish to be planted. The boat ramp and camping facilities were added later.

1972 - The reservoir is opened to fishing for the first time.

1989 - A 9 hole golf course opens next to the reservoir. The Millsite Gof Course website incorrectly states the course was opened in 1988. The course opened on March 18th, 1989. The golf pro Jerry Braun relocated to the course from Tooele's Oquirrh Hills course. The dedication took place on June 3rd, of 1989.

1992 - Riprap project bidding starts. The project calls for approximately 4440 cubic yards of riprap to be placed on the face of the dam.

2011 - Millsite Golf course construction add a back nine. This expands the course to 18 holes.

2017 - Dam repair and widening project starts. Much of the water in the reservoir is drained to accomplish the construction. Limits on trout are temporarily upped to 16 fish.

2021 - June of 2021 is the expected project completion for the dam and spillway construction.

2024 - The DWR reported finding illegally introduced Utah Chub as part of a fish sampling. This fish could greatly impact the survival of the bluehead sucker.

Other Info

The reservoir was named after an old flour mill that was previously on the site. In high water years the spillway will over flow creating a magnificently beautiful waterfall. If you get a chance check out the Ferron City Peach Days celebration. This even typically happens in September and is a lot of fun.

Nearby Places to Fish

Ferron Creek, Wrigley Reservoir, Willow Lake, Ferron Reservoir, Spinners Reservoir, Emery Reservoir, Julius Flat Reservoir, and Joes Valley Reservoir.