Potters Ponds Utah.
Picture By Troy Mackay


Potters Ponds is located in Emery County, Utah and is part of the Manti-La Sal National Forest. The ponds are 7.6 miles south of Miller Flat Reservoir and 11 miles north of Joes Valley Reservoir. Forest Road 0014 goes from Miller Flat to Joes Valley so you can access Potters from either side. Most people drop in from the Miller Flat side. The graded dirt road's leading to the ponds are generally fine to take a car on.

Fishing Species

The two ponds are stocked heavily with rainbow trout.


This is a very popular place to camp in the summer time. There are 19 improved camping spots with picnic tables and fire rings. There are restrooms provided but no running water or electricity. Reservations are recommended as camp spots fill up fast. Recreation.gov has a good write up on the camping area, and you can book your reservation on their site. The campsites are open the second week of June each year and close on the first week of November.


Potters Ponds, and Potters Canyon is named after the early pioneers in the Potter Family. Gardner Godfrey Potter and Madison D. Hambleton built a lumber mill on pleasant creek in 1851. This location is northwest of Potters canyon. Gardner's brother William Washington Potter, was part of Captain Gunnison's topographical engineering party to locate a possible transcontinental railroad route. William was murdered in 1853 at the Gunnision Masacre.

Other Info

The bugs here can get pretty outrageous so make sure you have some high percentage Deet bug repellent. This is a popular area for 4 wheeler's and is part of the Arapeen OHV trail Potters Ponds Loop 1.

Nearby Places to Fish

Miller Flat Reservoir, Rolfson Reservoir, Cleveland Reservoir, Huntington Reservoir, Joes Valley Reservoir, Blue Lake #3, and Grassy Lake.