Huntington Reservoir also known as Mammoth Reservoir, is located in Sanpete County, Utah in Fairview Canyon. From the city of Fairview take highway 31 up Fairview Canyon about 17 miles. From the opposite direction from the city of Huntington you can take highway 31 for about 30 miles.

Fish Species

Most likely catch is tiger trout. Possible catch is Colorado cutthroat trout, which must be immediately released.

In the early 1990's Huntington Reservoir was one of the test lakes for tiger trout. Since then, the lake is stocked on average with 10,000 tiger trout a year.

Fishing Regulations

Updated for the fishing season of 2021. Closed to the possession of Cutthroat Trout or trout with Cutthroat markings.

Other info

In 1988 a construction project on Huntington dam unearthed a skeleton of an ice age mammoth. has an excellent article on the discovery of the remains. People often mistakenly call the creature a woolly mammoth but those were thought to not exist in Utah. Instead this is actually a Columbian Mammoth.

Huntington Reservoir is typically one of the few lakes you can ice fish before Thanksgiving each year.

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