Fishing Goshen Utah.
Picture by Troy Mackay


Goshen Reservoir is located in Utah County, Utah. From I-15 in Santaquin take Main Street/US-6 west bound for 9.3 miles. You can see the reservoir south of US-6.

Fish Species

Bullhead, carp, bass. Goshen Reservoir is down stream of Mona Reservoir which has had Junesucker stocked in it a few times. So it is also possible, although unlikely that some junesucker had made their way into the reservoir. Since the water is used for irrigation some years the reservoir goes dry.


In 1856 Phineas Cook and about 25 other men started construction on a dam across Little Salt Creek, which is now called Currant Creek. Soon after the Goshen Irrigation and Canal company was formed. The irrigation water from Goshen Reservoir was used in an effort to farm the land between Goshen and Santaquin. In 1871 the irrigation dam was strengthened, and extra outlets were added. Right around this time the Mona Canal Company built a dam up stream.

This caused a legal dispute between the residents of Mona and Goshen, and the two companies concerning water right to the river. In 1879 the matter was brought before a United States court. This was against the customs at the time since most local matters were settled by the courts in the Mormon church. The federal court ruled that the Mona Canal Company was no longer allowed to divert, or use the water of Lower and Little Salt Creek. The court also ordered Mona Canal Company to pay $359.20 to the Goshen Irrigation and Canal Company as well as sell all of the equipment used on the Mona dam. Water rights in the state at the time were a very hot topic, which caused Wilford Woodruff to say the following. “There come near being a war among the Latter Day Saints about the water going to Law & going to shooting each other". If you want to read more on the subject I highly recommend you check out The Goshen and Mona Water Dispute, 1873-1881: A Case Study of the Struggle between Ecclesiastical and Secular Authority in Utah. By CLINTON BRIMHALL AND SANDRA DAWN BRIMHALL.


Currant Creek is the main tributary to Goshen Reservoir. Currant Creek begins south of the natural springs of Burraston Ponds. The creek confluences with West Creek near the burraston ponds and continues north flowing into Mona Reservoir. The river flows through the Mount Nebo Dam (Mona Reservoir) and continues northwest through Goshen Canyon. Coming out of Goshen Canyon Currant Creek confluences with Kimball Creek then flows into Goshen Reservoir. Currant Creek eventually empties into Utah Lake.

Nearby Places to Fish

The tributary south of  Goshen Currant Creek, which was stocked with rainbow trout in 2002, 2004, and 2013. Genola Warm Springs (old Tintic mine), Mona Reservoir, Burraston Ponds, Utah Lake, Summit Creek Number Two Reservoir, Pole Canyon Park Pond, Spring Lake, Salem Pond, Spanish Oaks Reservoir, and Canyon View Park Pond.