Directions: Skylar's Pond is located in Cache County, Utah. The address is 500 West 700 South, Logan. Skylar's Pond is in Willow Park.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Green Sunfish, Channel Catfish.

Fishing Regulations: Skylar's Pond is reserved for people aged 14 and under and people with disabilities. the pond falls under the community pond fishing regulations of Utah. The daily limit is 2 fish. Anglers are encouraged to voluntarily release all Largemouth Bass. Waters are open to fishing only when the community parks are open to the public.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Wellsville Pond, Casper's Pond, Logan River, Cutler Reservoir, Wellsville Reservoir, Hyrum Reservoir, Mantua Reservoir,