Cutler Reservoir is located in Cache County, Utah. The reservoir spans from the city of Netwton to the city of Benson.

Fish Species

Channel catfish, black bullhead, walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, crappie, bluegill, and there is a small population of several types of trout.

Fishing Regulations

Updated for the 2024 fishing season.  Limit 4 trout, 6 bass, 50 crappie,10 walleye only 1 over 24″. Limit 4 channel catfish.

Cutler Reservoir Tributaries. Little Bear River and all tributaries to Little Bear River upstream to Mendon Road (600 S); Logan River and all tributaries to Logan River upstream to Mendon Road (600 S); Bear River and all tributaries to Bear River upstream to Highway 218.• Limit 4 channel catfish.



The Coffer Dam is constructed on the Bear River. Construction requires 52 car load of Giant Powder also known as dynamite.

1902 ish

A power plant was built below the Coffer Dam. The plant was constructed by Utah Light and Railway Company and Utah Sugar Company.


Utah Power and Light begins a construction project in Bear River Canyon called the Cutler Dam. The Dam is constructed between the old power plant and the Coffer Dam.  Bids for construction are sent out including.Two 21,000 horsepower turbines. Two generators with a capacity of 15,000 kilowatts of energy. These generators will generate around 6600 volts of power. The cost of the project is estimated to be around 5.5 million dollars. The plan is to hire around 1,000 people to complete the dam and power plant.

All of the land flooded by the reservoir had to be purchased a head of time. Because of the flooding, any road that was located in the area had to be rerouted and rebuilt as well. The cost of these two efforts were planned into the $5.5 million dollar price tag. The reservoir was named after Thomas R. Cutler. Who was the VP of the Utah-Idaho Sugar company.


Actual construction starts in March of 1925. 200 men are employed. The Cutler Dam project calls for 1,500 tons of cement, ninety tons of lacework steel, 900 tons of brick and about 1,000,000 feet of lumber.


600 men are employed on the project


Utah officials declare that Cutler Reservoir will make one of the most wonderful fish ponds in the state.

Nearby Areas to Fish

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