The Route

The Logan River runs 53.7 miles long. The river originates in the Bear River Mountains in Idaho. From this point the river flows south, then southwest through Logan Canyon. The river is dammed at three locations in Logan Canyon. These dams are called 1st dam, 2nd dam, and 3rd dam, with the 1st dam being at the mouth of the canyon, and the 2nd and 3rd being farther up the canyon. The Logan River joins with the Bear River near Cutler Reservoir.

Blue Ribbon

The Logan River from the 3rd dam to the Idaho border is designated a Blue Ribbon fishery.


Fishing Regulations updated for the 2024 season. (a) From Card Canyon Bridge upstream to the highway bridge at Red Banks Campground, including all tributary streams in between, but not including Tony Grove Lake:• Limit 2 trout and whitefish (a combined total).• Artificial flies and lures only.(b) From the highway bridge at Red Banks Campground upstream to the Idaho state line, including all tributaries, but not including White Pine Lake:• Limit 2 trout and whitefish (a combined total). • CLOSED Jan. 1 through 6 a.m. on the second Saturday of July.

Nearby Areas to Fish

Gibson Lakes (Idaho), Horse Lake (Idaho), Hidden Lake(Idaho), Crescent Lake, Stem Mill Lake, White Pine Lake, Tony Grove Lake, Garden City Pond, Bear Lake, 3rd dam, 2nd dam, 1st dam, Wellsville Pond, Black Willow Pond, and Cutler Reservoir.