Location: Garden City Pond is located in Rich County, Utah just west of Bear Lake. From Garden City take Buttercup Lane, then turn right on buttercup blvd.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, and Cutthroat Trout. Some years All Trout is listed as being stocked. Which means there could be a variety of other sterile trout in the pond.

Other Info: The DWR fish stocking report refers to it as Garden City Heritage Com. Garden City recently made a few upgrades to the park. The Herald Journal had a good write up and some pictures of the changes. The upgrade included 300 additional parking spots, a softball field, and a playground.

Fishing Regulations: Garden City Pond falls under the community pond fishing regulations of Utah. The daily limit is 2 fish. Anglers are encouraged to voluntarily release all Largemouth Bass. Waters are open to fishing only when the community parks are open to the public.

History: Garden City Pond was first opened to the public in 2012. Since then several improvements have been made such as a fishing dock.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Bear Lake, Laketown Reservoir, Tony Grove, Sixmile Reservoir, South Lake, Little Creek Reservoir, Birch Creek Reservoir, Woodruff Reservoir, Logan River, Cutler Reservoir, Newton Reservoir, Skylar’s Pond, Wellsville Pond.