Located in Emery County, Utah at the north east end of the city of Huntington. From the city of Price take UT-10 south for about 19 miles. You will see the state park sign and turn off from the road. You can also see the dam of the reservoir from the road.

Fish Species

Wipers, rainbow trout, bluegill, largemouth bass, Utah chub, green sunfish, channel catfish and Utah suckers.

Fishing regulations 2024

Limit of 6 bass, only one may be over 12 inches.

Other Info

This area is managed as a state park. You can read more about Huntington State Park on Utah's state park website.


From the completion of the dam in the early 1960's, until 1976 the lake was stocked annually with rainbow trout. In 1976 Utah Chub were first discovered. By the next year their abundance over the trout had increased by 95 percent of the fish in the lake. This lead to largemouth bass being stocked in the lake. In 1981 and 1983 Bluegill and crayfish became established in the reservoir.

In 2007 a channel catfish weighing 27 pounds and measuring 36 inches was caught here.

Nearby Areas To Fish

Joes Valley Reservoir, Miller Flat Reservoir, Cleveland Reservoir, Huntington Reservoir (Mammoth), Electric Lake, and Millsite Reservoir.