Utah’s Outdoor News 11-16-2018

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Utah's weekly outdoor news for the week of 11-16-2018. This week I didn't have time to compile the news and upcoming events that I typically post. So instead I will give you an ice report from this morning. I drove up Fairview canyon and found ice on multiple lakes. There are several other lakes in Utah that are being ice fished currently, and several others building ice quickly. I will try and update this post later today with the info of those lakes. As always if you have any story's, pictures, or comments to share email me at [email protected].

Ice update 11-21-2018. All the Uintas lakes are capped and fish-able. The following lakes are being ice fished currently. Mill Hollow, Donkey Lake.
Scofield is close to capping should be capped by the end of November. Mantua is trying to get going but still 80% open water.

The first lake was Huntington Reservoir which had about 3 inches of solid ice. The lake is fully capped and had about a half inch of snow so it wasn't slippery on the ice.

Huntington Reservoir.

The second lake was Cleveland Reservoir. I haven't seen the water there that low in a while. It looked like the ice was fully capped, but i didn't test it. There could be some standing water or open water I couldn't tell which one. Although it should be safe in a week or so.

Cleveland Reservoir

Boulger Reservoir is fully capped and safe. Although I don't typically see a lot of people fishing this small pond.

Boulger Reservoir

I went down the boat ramp at Electric Lake. There is a good stretch of ice starting to form just off the boat ramp. Although the whole main body was still open water. There was a lot of fish jumping in the morning trying to fatten up for the ice.

Electric Lake