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    Went to Deep Lake in the Manti-La Sal National Forrest over the weekend. On the way up I saw a few wild turkeys hanging out in 12 mile canyon. I had never been to Deep Lake so I looked at the map and Forrest Road 1243 past WPA Ponds looked like a shorter route. This was a huge mistake. This road would have been fine on a 4 wheeler but is not even close to suitable to take a truck down. Tons of large rocks and trees that will knock your mirrors off surround the ponds. If you go there do your self a huge favor and take Forrest Road 0024 which goes east of Deep Lake then come up south of it. I fished Deep Lake from sun up until about ten a.m. The lake has tons of very small rainbow trout in it. I had heard a few years back that it had some decent sized Tiger Trout in it, but I wasn’t able to locate any. I fished with Worms, Minnows, Lucky Crafts, a huge assortment of fly’s and spinners. Most of the Rainbow Trout didn’t even have mouths big enough to close around my Maribou Jigs.

    Saw lots of people archery hunting but only saw a couple of doe.

    Deep Lake


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