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    A couple of week back I went camping in the Uintas with a good group of friends. We decided to camp around the Murdock Basin area due to it’s easy access to multiple lakes. I’ve been in this area multiple times and have also broken multiple parts on my truck, due to the rocky Murcock Basin Road. Luckily this trip we had a bunch of side by side 4 wheeler’s, which made the trip a dream. The first evening we arrived we worked hard on getting our fishing supplies together. It’s important to have your supplies in good order.

    The Uintas are at much higher elevation then we’re used to, so we kept well hydrated. In the morning time we headed up to Echo Lake to try and land some Golden Trout, and beautiful Brook Trout.

    The road was rocky and tight even on the 4 wheeler’s. Also there is one spot on the way up where you can actually get phone signal for a brief minute. We Fished Echo for a while catching a few Golden Trout and a couple of Brook Trout. Here is a pic of Echo Lake.

    The fishing was slower than we expected, and after a bit the wind kicked up and a storm started to roll in. So we decided to go check out Pyramid Lake, and try and catch some of the bigger Brook Trout in there. By the time we rode over to Pyramid the winds were nasty and supplies were running low.


    So we decided to head back to camp and re-hydrate.

    The next morning we decided to take the long ride up to Marshall Lake. I was hoping the road would improve after the Echo Lake turn off, but this wasn’t the case. Marshall Lake was really beautiful though.

    Marshall Lake isn’t stocked very often so the fish are few and far between. There was a group of campers that walked around the lake and started screaming that they had finally caught one. We took this as a sign that the fishing was poor. Also between the 10 of us we didn’t get a bite. So I hiked on over to Hoover Lake since its a quick hike.

    The fish at Hoover weren’t very hungry either so we decided to ride back down to Echo and try our luck again. This time the fishing was hot. We caught about 30 golden trout and about 8 brook trout.

    Here is one of the Brook Trout.

    After a very productive evening of fishing we went back to camp. On the way home the next day we decided to fish Mirror Lake for a bit. Fishing was pretty good there as well. We caught brook trout, rainbow trout, and tiger trout.


    Awesome post. I love the pictures.

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