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    Went looking for some ice to fish on in Fairview Canyon. Many people last week were saying that Huntington is mostly froze. We figured by now it should be a solid 4 inches. We were shocked to find it had about 90% open water. We decided to fish from shore and try our luck.

    We could hear a large heard of elk on the south side of the lake being very vocal all day. That was pretty cool to listen to. We had the whole lake to our selves. Several people stopped to check on the ice, then left in disgust. Fishing was good. Everything we caught was Tiger Trouts. They ranged from 16 to 22 inches. The few pieces of ice that were on the lake, were almost gone by the end of the day. When we left the wind gusts were really strong. I’m guessing there is no more ice at all left on it.

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