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    Fished Utah Lake at Lindon marina that last 4 days in a row. The good thing about working nearby is I can go fishing for lunch each day. The bad thing is the fishing is usually the worst in the middle of the day so catching is never really hot. I’ve been fishing off of the dikes in the marina from shore. With the heat spell we had this week I was hoping to get into some white bass. It either hasn’t been hot enough to start the spawn, or they haven’t made their way to the northeast of the lake yet. As the heat rose this week the mayfly’s started coming out and the catfish were going crazy at the surface of the water. Several catfish were jumping out of the water to grab mayflies. I tossed out magic catfish bait each day and worms with no luck on one of my rod’s. The other rod I kept trying small little jigs in hopes of catching some white bass. I had multiple hits this week on the tube jigs from catfish. I think they were just trying to bump them out of there bed’s though. As I couldn’t hook any of them, I don’t think they were trying to bite the jigs. I did have one come all the way out of the water going after a black marabou jig though. Today the weather turned colder and the winds came up. I saw two catfish hiding in the rocks less than 2 feet off of shore. Earlier in the week most of the activity from the catfish was about 100 feet out. The folks in the boats and the folks walking out several hundred feet in waders were catching a crap load of fish. Although everyone else at the shore this week was doing just as poor as I was. I’m sure the evening fishing would have been much hotter. I will try again next week.

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