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    We went up to the Uintas for the muzzleloader deer hunt near Whitney Reservoir. The first morning there was a few smaller bucks, but after the shooting started none of the bucks stuck around. So  we decided to do some fishing around the area. The first place we fish was Beaver Lake.

    We fished here for about 30 minutes and only reeled in moss. We could see some small rainbows jumping near the middle of Beaver Lake though. After getting skunked we decided to try some of the smaller beaver ponds in the area.

    Much to our surprise the ponds were loaded with hungry Rainbow Trout. The fish were small but they put up a good fight and were fun to catch.

    There is a ton of beaver ponds around the area. The beaver ponds also had lot of willows near them. We scared off a few moose in the area while fishing. Here is a picture of a young bull moose.

    We fished Whitney Reservoir off and on. We only caught Tiger Trout. The biggest Tiger Trout we caught was maybe 13 inches. The water level in Whitney Reservoir was down to about 30%. Here is a view of both Whitney Reservoir and Beaver Lake.

    Whitney is the water body in the top middle and Beaver Lake is on the right side. Last but not least here is a picture of a trophy Mule Deer that my brother got in the hunt.


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