Big Springs Pond is located in Utah County, Utah. The Pond is found in the city of Fairfield which is southwest of Eagle Mountain on the west side of Utah Lake. More specifcally it is located west of Cedar Valley Road on UT-73 near 1540 N. The pond and the surrounding area is on private property.

Fish Species

This is one of the states refuge ponds for Least Chub. Which is close in proximity to another refuge pond Atherly Reservoir. The chub were stocked from Wahweap State Hatchery


There is a creek that exits Big Springs which flows about 2.5 miles away into a pond called The Sinks in Cedar Valley.

In the News

KUER has a great write up on the Least Chub being stocked in Big Springs with pictures of the fish and water.


The city of Fairfiled was established in 1855 it was first known as Frogtown. The city of Frogtown was originally the camp for Johnson’s army

Nearby Areas to Fish

Utah Lake, Jordan River, Rush Lake, Vernon Reservoir, Settlement Canyon Reservoir, Mill Pond (private), Cove pondOquirrh Lake, and Riverton City Pond.