Directions: Atherley Reservoir is located in Tooele County, Utah. Atherley Reservoir is in the city of Faust and is just North of the Pony Express Highway. Most people pass it on the way to Vernon Reservoir, but don't notice.

Fish Species: The DWR started stocking Least Chub in 2006. The Least Chub is native to Utah, and has been around since Lake Bonneville. The small little minnow only averages about 2.5 inches in length. The fish's ability to withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures, has been a key factor in its success. The small fish has managed to keep breeding for thousands of years. Although the fish has been a candidate to add to the endangered species list, multiple times. Over the past ten years the DWR has worked hard to grow the Least Chub population. The Mosquito Abatement District has even used the fish as mosquito control in several ornamental ponds across northern Utah.

The Least Chub was also stocked in nearby Mona Springs, Big Springs Pond, Deseret Chemical Depot Ponds, the Salt Lake County Jail Pond, and Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge. See the map below to see each of these locations.

History: Atherley Reservoir is located in the settlement of Faust. Named after Henry Faust who managed the Pony Express Station there.

Tributaries: Faust Creek empties into Atherley Reservoir. Then Faust Creek flows north into Rush Lake. A few years back Rush Lake had some decent size bass and some giant carp. Although for the last few years it has dried up each summer.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Vernon Reservoir, Rush Lake, Big Springs Pond, Utah Lake, and Cherry Creek Reservoir.

Atherley Reservoir.