Directions: Cherry Creek Reservoir is located in Juab County, Utah. The Reservoir is located just off Cherry Creek Road. You can access Cherry Creek Road from the Little Sahara Sand Dunes. Just head northwest past the entrance to the sand dunes on Jericho Callao Road. The second route is from Vernon Reservoir if you head south on the main road FR 005 it will run into Cherry Creek Road. From Salt Lake you can head through Euraka, then just west of Silver City take Utah 36. From here it will be your first left which kind of sneaks up on you. At first the road is small then once you cross the railroad track it opens up. There isn't any signs in this area, and cell signal is strongly lacking.

Fish Species: The pond has a small population of wild Rainbow Trout. They usually don't get very big.

Name Origin Cherry Creek Reservoir is named for the wild chokecherry that grows around the area.

Other Info: You can read a much better blog about Cherry Creek Reservoir on UtahWaterLog.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Vernon Reservoir, DMAD Reservoir, Fool Creek Reservoir, Fish Spring Wildlife Bird Refuge (closed to fishing), Mona Reservoir, and Utah Lake.

Cherry Creek Reservoir