Location: Vernon Reservoir also known as Vernon Creek Reservoir is located near the southeast boarder of Tooele County, Utah. Near the city of Vernon take State Route 36 then take one of the several dirt roads southbound. Most of these dirt roads interface with the main road to Vernon.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Tiger Trout, and Brown Trout

Other Info: There is a ton of camping around this area.

History: The dam was constructed by the Griswald Construction Company of Moab. The total cost of the construction was around $1 million and was finished in 1972. The reservoir was drained in 2008 for outlet repairs. Then several 20 inch Brown Trout were stocked. Since then Tiger Trout have been stocked yearly.

Nearby Areas to Fish: Atherley Reservoir, Rush Lake, Clover Creek, Cherry Creek Reservoir, Utah Lake, Mona Reservoir, Kanaka Lake, Rock Bottom Pond, Horseshoe Springs, Grantsville Reservoir, and Stansbury Park Lake.

Vernon Reservoir Utah