Causey Reservoir in Weber County, Utah is located about 10 miles East of Huntsville Utah. You can get there on Highway 39 also known as Monte Cristo Highway.

Fish Species

Rainbow Trout, Tiger Trout, Splake, Kokanee Salmon, Brown Trout, and Cutthroat Trout.

Fishing Regulations Updated for the 2024 fishing season.

Limit 4 trout or kokanee salmon, and no more than 1 may be a lake trout over 22 inches. All Lake trout 22 inches or smaller must be immediately released.

Anglers may not possess kokanee salmon at any waterbody statewide from Sept. 10 through Nov. 30. Causey Reservoir tributaries closed to fishing during this time.

Open to underwater spearfishing for game fish from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Unless otherwise noted, you may use spearfishing to take any legal species. Underwater spearfishing hours are from official sunrise to official sunset. It is illegal to use artificial light while underwater spearfishing, and free shafting is prohibited.

Right and left forks of the South Fork Ogden River, from Causey Reservoir upstream to the headwaters.• CLOSED Aug. 15 through 6 a.m. on the last Saturday of September.


Fish Stocked Since 2002

Mostly Rainbows, then Tiger trout and Splake. DWR stocking report

Other Info

The Division Of Wildlife Resources biologists conducted a fish survey in the summer of 2023. Kokanee made up 82% of the sportfish caught in the nets during their survey. Brown, tiger and cutthroat trout can grow to very large sizes in the reservoir. The waterbody's kokanee salmon tend to be smaller than other fisheries nearby, but there are plenty of them! These aggressive fighters are fun to catch while they're pulling for all they’re worth and often leaping out of the water as you reel them in. These fish averaged 9 inches in length, and the largest kokanee caught was 14 inches long.

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