Lost Creek Reservoir is located in Morgan county, Utah. Take I84 (Weber Canyon) and take the Croyden exit which is just East of the Devil's slide area. Go up past the cement factory and keep on that road. There is a slight left the road takes and if you don't turn you will go to the City of Croyden and add on about 10 minutes to your trip.

Fish Species

Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Brown Trout, Tiger Trout, Kokanee Salmon, and Splake.

In 2020 kokanee salmon were introduced. The DWR stocked 12,500 Kokanee at 3" in the reservoir for the fist time.

Fishing Regulations

Updated for the 2024 fishing season. Limit 4 trout a combined total. No more than 3 trout may be under 15 inches. No more than 1 trout may be over 22 inches. All trout between 15 and 22 inches must be immediately released. Trout and salmon may not be filleted, and their head or tails may not be removed in the field or in transit. Closed to spearfishing.
This is a wakeless reservoir, which means it great for canoes, and float tube fishing.
Closed to fishing 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily. Closed to spearfishing.

Anglers may not possess kokanee salmon at any waterbody statewide from Sept. 10 through Nov. 30.

Lost Creek

From the bridge (culvert) approximately one-quarter mile above Lost Creek Reservoir upstream to the headwaters, EXCEPT Squaw Creek.• Catch and release only.• Artificial flies and lures only

Other Info

The Division of Wildlife Resources conducted a gillnet survey in June of 2023. Here is the results.

• The cutthroat trout population looks great! Cutthroats made up 28% of the sportfish caught during the survey. The fish were fat and healthy and averaged 15 inches in length. The largest cutthroat was 25 inches long.
• It doesn’t appear the low water and hot temperatures in 2022 hurt the kokanee salmon. Kokanee were stocked in the reservoir in 2020, 2021 and 2022. They caught fish stocked each of those years, so the population is doing great. Kokanee made up 17% of the sportfish we caught. They averaged 11 inches in length. The largest kokanee was 13 inches long.
• They also caught plenty of Utah chubs in the nets. To help keep the chub population in check, thier going to increase the number of splake and tiger trout stocked in the reservoir. Splake and tiger trout are big-time predators. The chubs will provide a great food source that should provide nice-sized splake and tigers to catch in the future.

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