Location: Deep Lake is located in Sanpete County, and lies withing the Manti-La Sal National Forest. From the city of Mayfield head up twelve mile canyon about 14.8 miles. Head west on forest road 1170 for 1.4 miles. Then take forest road 0024 for 2.8 miles to the Deep Lake turnoff. Alternatively you can take forest road 1243 past the WPA Ponds. Although do not do this in a full sized truck. There is several trees growing close to the road which makes the passage very narrow. There are also some huge rocks in the road that broke my shock. If you have the a 4 wheeler you can take FR 1243.

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout are stocked here every year, and brook trout are stocked every few years. Tiger trout were last stocked here in 2007 and no longer exist in the lake. I had heard some stories of the tiger trout getting really big here. I wish they would restock with tiger trout again.

Were You looking for? Deep Lake in Sevier County?

Nearby Areas to Fish: WPA Ponds, Cooley Creek, Log Pond, Bee Tree, Shingle Mill Reservoir, Emerald Lake, and Island Lake.

Deep Lake Utah.