Shingle Mill Reservoir Utah


Shingle Mill Reservoir is located in Sanpete County, Utah. The lake is part of the Manti-La Sal National Forest. Although the dirt roads leading to the lake are usually in good shape, I would recommend you take a truck.

From the city of Mayfield take 12 mile canyon and follow Forest Road 0022 for about 16.5 miles. Take the turn for Forest road 1170 and head south. This turn is between the Six Mile Canyon road and the road that leads up over Ferron Reservoir. Follow Forest Road 1170 for 1.4 miles and take a left at the fork onto Forest Road 0024. Follow Forest Road 0024 for 3.4 miles. There is signs posted for Shingle Mill Reservoir.

Fish Species

Likely catch rainbow trout unlikely catch brook trout. Each year around 1,500 rainbow trout are stocked and average 10 inches. Brook Trout were last stocked in 2007.


I found newspaper articles about Shingle Mill Reservoir dating back to 1921. I couldn't find the actual date that the reservoir was constructed. In 1864 in modern day Mayfield, there was a reservation for the Ute Indian tribe called Twelve Mile Creek Reservation. The state of Utah decided to kick the Ute's off their land, and force them to move to the Uinta Reservation. Soon after a war started between the local white settlers and the Ute's. In 1871 Mayfield was officially settled. Soon after several families moved to the area.  With a boom in construction several mills popped up in the area. I would guess the mill that was making shingle's at this location was started sometime in the mid to late 1870's.

Nearby Places to Fish

You can reach Deep Lake by taking the turn a half mile north up FR 0024. Then following FR 1243 for another half mile. The west Deep Lake Ponds are located a short hike to the west from Deep Lake following the stream. If you wish to continue up the road to WPA Ponds you will need to take a UTV/ATV. If you continue on a 4 wheeler past the two WPA Ponds you will pass Log Ponds, Bee Tree, and the Blue Ribbon Ponds.

Other nearby areas to fish worth checking out include. Emerald Lake, and Blue lake.

Shingle Mill Reservoir Trout