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The goal of June Sucker is to build a single Utah fishing reference. In order to pull this off I’ve done an incredible amount of research, and driven an insane amount of miles. Trying to visit every fishing spot in Utah takes more time than I can dedicate. The lakes below are lakes that we currently have no decent pictures of. This is where I hope the community can pitch in. If you can submit a high quality picture of one of the lakes listed below, you will receive the following. Picture credit, which can be your name, or a link to your blog or page of choosing. You will also receive a free June Sucker can koozie. For more information email us at [email protected].

North Utah
Adams Reservoir, Bountiful Lake, Caspers Pond, Clinton Pond, Cold Springs Lake, Crane Reservoir (deseret land and livestock), Cutler Reservoir, Death Creek Reservoir, Ensign Ponds, Etna Reservoir, Farmington Pond, Farmington Pond, Fort Beunaventura, Garden City Pond, Glassman Pond, Hobbs Reservoir, Glassmans Reservoir, Holmes Creek Reservoir, Jensen Nature Park Pond, Kaysville Pond, Little Creek Reservoir, Maybe Pond, Mayors Pond, Meadow Creek Pond, Newton Reservoir, Pineview Reservoir, Pioneer Park Pond, Porcupine Reservoir, Sixmile Reservoir, Skylar’s Pond, Steed Pond, Tony Grove, Willard Bay.

Central Utah
Atherly Reservoir, Blue Lake, Burraston Ponds, Camp Kosopulus, Decker Lake, Lake Blanche, Lake Florence, Lake Lillian, Lake Florence, Lake Hardy, Maple Lake, Mill Hollow Reservoir, Payson Lakes, Red Butte Reservoir, Red Pine Lake, Silver Lake (Utah county), Silver Lake Flats, Timber Lakes, Upper Bells Reservoir, White Pine Lake, Yuba Reservoir.

Northeastern Utah
Brough Reservoir, Browne Lake, Bullock Reservoir, calder, Cottonwood Reservoir, Crouse Reservoir, East Park Reservoir, Long Park Reservoir, Matt Warner Reservoir, Moose Pond, Pelican Lake, Red Fleet Reservoir, Sheep Creek Lake, Spirit Lake, Steinaker Reservoir.

Southeastern Utah
Academy Mill Reservoir, Bastian Reservoir, Beaver Dam Reservoir, Benches Pond, Blue Lake, Boulger Reservoir, Cover Lake, Fairview Lakes, Giglioti Pond, Gooseberry Reservoir, Grassy Lake, Green River Golf Course Ponds, Huntington Game Farm Ponds, Huntington North Reservoir, John August Lake, Knight Ideal Community Fishing Pond, Loggers Fork Reservoir, Lower Gooseberry Reservoir, Miller Flat Reservoir, Millsite Reservoir, Petes Hole, Potters Pond, Rolfson Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, Snow Lake, Soup Bowl.

Most lakes in the Uintas