Utah Ice Fishing Report December 17 2016

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It’s that time of season where new lakes are capping with ice daily. I keep reading so many reports online with people asking about ice fishing updates and ice thickness. Since I’m too lazy to update this as frequently as you would like I will show you the sites I get most of my data from.

One of the most active sites is the Utah Anglers Facebook Group. If you use the search feature you can usually find info on lakes your looking for. The Utah board on Big Fish Tackle is another great resource. The Utah section of IceShanty.com has a ton of new active users. The ice reports have been pretty good so far. It broken down by lake so you can quickly search and find info. You will need to create an account to view the reports. IceShanty is also my favorite place for Flaming Gorge reports. The Utah DWR sometimes has good info. They are usually a few weeks behind most sites. The Utah Wildlife Network sometimes has fishing reports. The community is geared more to hunting then fishing, and most people on the site are tight lipped. We get a lot of info from Instagram by searching for #utahfishing #fishutah and other Utah hashtags. Several of the lakes and parks in Utah have live feed cameras. There is the Hyrum Dam Cam, Bear Lake, Flaming Gorge, Joes Valley, Lake Powell, Fish Lake, Utah Lake. I call a lot of pro shops to get info on water conditions also. Rafter B’s is a great resource for info on Rockport Reservoir. Strawberry Bay is pretty helpful for Strawberry Reservoir ice conditions. You can call the Fish Lake Lodge for info. So if you don’t find what your looking for below please use one of these resources.

Northern: 12/1716 – Birch Creek has 7+ inches of ice. Causey is capped with around 4 inches but reports are saying to bring a ladder due to soft edges. Several reports coming from Mantua which is capped, not sure on ice thickness, although lots of people have been fishing it. Rockport is wide open with no ice. Reports of some ice at East Canyon but still open water.

Northeastern: 12/17/16 – Pelican Lake is froze with lots of reports of hot fishing. All the Uintas lakes are capped. Current Creek Reservoir hasn’t capped yet.

Central: Lots of people fishing the Soldier Creek side of Strawberry Reservoir. Mill Hollow has safe ice.

Southeastern: 12/17/16 – Fished Scofield on Thursday and the damn arm had closed to a foot thick of ice. All of the lakes in this area are frozen, Huntington, Cleveland, Electric and all the smaller ones.

Southern: 12/17/16 – Forsyth is froze with plenty of safe ice. Panguitch has safe ice. Koosharem has safe ice. All Thousand Lake Mountain lakes are capped.

Flaming Goge: 12/17/16 – Lost Dog ice is forming fast, and might be fish able next weekend. Firehole has 7+ inches of ice.