Utah’s Outdoor News 11-9-18

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Utah's weekly outdoor news for the week of November 9th 2018. It's my favorite time of year to be in the outdoors. November is an excellent time of year to hunt for rabbits and coyotes. It's also one of the best times of year for fishing. Not only are fish eating desperately to bulk up for the winter, the Brown Trout spawn is happening. As always if you have any news to report, want to highlight an outdoor adventur or submit a picture, email me at [email protected].

Brown Trout Spawn

It's November which means that the Brown Trout spawn is heating up. Brown Trout are in several lakes in Utah although they can be very difficult to catch. During the spawn they will swim out of the lakes into the rivers and tributaries and become much more aggresive. The November spawn is one of the best times to catch lots of Brown Trout in Utah.

Catching large fish is a lot of fun but you need to make sure you don't destroy the "Reds". The DWR put together a video on recognizing and protecting Brown Trout Spawn. Watch the video so you don't stomp on their babies.

The spawn is going to be happening in a river or stream. So most people use flies such as streamers or nymph's. Although you don't have to be a fly fisherman to enjoy the spawn. I will typically use a white tube jig such as the Gary Yamamoto luminous grub. You can also have very good success tossing out Rapalas or spinners. Some of the best places to go include the Weber River, the Provo River, and the Green river.

Outdoor News

Work at Bear River headwaters preserves life histories of fish and farmers. Part 1. - Standard.net.
The Bear River fuels progress in intermountain west. Part 2. - Standard.net.
Plans to tap more Bear River water raise concerns downstream. Part 3. - Standard.net.
At its end, Utahns worry about Bear River's future. Part 4. - Standard.net.
Effort underway to seal old mines, but some want them open. - HJNews.com.
Accidents highlight dangers, draw of US West's old mines. - KSL.com.
35,000 fish released at Quail Creek State Park Video. - Facebook.com.
The True Bear Lake Monster Story. - MysteryOfUtahHistory.com.
Oil well proposed near Wilson Arch, 25 miles south of Moab. - MoabSunNews.com.
Yet-to-be-discovered dinosaur fossils may be at risk after Trump slashed the size of Grand Staircase. - SLTrib.com.
How to report poaching. - KSL.com.
Construction began on RazorBack Sucker sanctuary pond. MoabTimes.com.
New bill would name 'miracle' mountain credited for saving homes from Bald Mountain Fire. - KSL.com.
Utah seeks more influence over national forest management. - HeraldExtra.com.
Utah denies EnergySolutions from accepting depleted uranium.- HJNews.com.
BFT discussion on tracking water levels at Utah fishing spots. - BigFishTackle.com.
Story on paddleboarding and dressing up for Halloween. - SLTrib.com.
Sixty Hour Controlled Flood At Glen Canyon Dam. - LakePowellLife.com.
Environmentalists, feds and Utahns agree: Don’t send Green River water to Colorado. - Sltrib.com.
Saving sheep dogs: Volunteers work to find homes for Pyrenees left behind near Bear Lake. - HJNews.com.

Ice Fishing Report

There was a post on BFT that several of the lakes in the Uintas are still ice free as of November 3rd. I would expect this to change in the next week or so.

Upcoming Events

Screw grass fed beef. Go bid on some sagebrush fed buffalo's tomorrow at Antelope Island. - StateParks.utah.gov.
Ogden Bay beginners pheasent hunt on November 10th. - EventBrite.com.
Waterfowl decoy seminar in Farmington Bay November 17th. - EventBrite.com.
Come see the elk festival at Hardware Ranch December 8th. - DWR Facebook.com.
The East Canyon tagged fish contest is running through December 29th. - EventBrite.com.

Spawning Brown Trout