Utah’s Outdoor News 5-25-2018

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Utah's outdoor news for the week of May 25th 2018.  Memorial day weekend is upon us, which mean several canyons will now be open for the season. The white bass spawn was still going strong this week.

Canyon roads now open. Monte Cristo, Mirror Lake, Wolf Creek Pass, and  American Fork past Tibble Fork.

Upcoming events

Cutthroat viewing at Strawberry Reservoir. This will be at the Strawberry Visitor center, which is the same place as the salmon spawn in the fall.

Utah Lake Festival is June 2nd at the state park in Provo. This will be a fun activity to take kids to. There will be food trucks, fishing clinics, boat rides, and a bunch of other activities.

Steinaker Reservoir Bluegill Salvage is June 7th. Help DWR catch and keep Bluegill to transplant to other water bodies. The reservoir will be drained for dam repairs.

In The News

The Herald Extra had a good write up last week about the white bass spawn.
I also enjoyed this article about Ticaboo Resort.

Construction began on the wildlife bridge over I-80.

Scofield Reservoir spring fish survey results. Cutthroat Trout numbers up, Tiger Trout numbers up, and chub numbers down from 2017. The post has a good write up of largest fish per species caught.

Fishing Report.  I try to fish on my lunch break every day at work. Fishing at mid day can be difficult although is a great way to break up the work day. This week I hit up the Lower Provo River to try and catch some spawning white bass. I was able to catch a few on some smaller green jigs. The crowds were out in full force and most people were having decent luck. One person I talked to caught a walleye but most were just catching white bass.

The Lower Provo River.

White bass are a fun species to target. They generally put up a really good fight. And during the spawn they hang out in schools so you will have a higher catch rate. Spawning white bass are also extremely aggressive. So they will hit most lures they see in the water.

White Bass from Utah Lake.

I visited Jensen Nature Park Pond last week. I added a couple of photos to that page as well. If you have never been to Jensen Nature Park, you should. It's really beautiful and it's a good place to take the kids. As always if you have any outdoor related news you would like to submit email [email protected].