Utah’s Outdoor News 7-6-2018

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Welcome to news for Utah's outdoors on the week of July 6th 2018. This week we celebrated the greatest country in the solar system by lighting off fireworks. Several of you were able to escape to the mountains, only to have your perfect picturesque Instagram pics ruined by wildfire smoke. Fires are dominating the news this week. Also in the news politicians trying to take away our hunting and fishing lands. There is so many different outdoor groups divided on so many subjects and this is the one subject that unites all of them. Quit trying to take our public lands. Mike Lee should have learned from his predecessor Bob Bennett who lost the nomination when he turned his back on the outdoor community. Or most recently from Jason Chaffetz who made the same mistake.

In The News.

Yesterday's numbers were at 42,000 acres and over 90 homes destroyed in the Dollar Ridge Fire.
The cost of more people heading to the mountains.
Fire near Saratoga Springs smokes out Utah County.
Big fish being caught at Strawberry Reservoir.
The smoke from the Dollar Ridge Fire is engulfing much of Wyoming.
Lincoln Beach Marina closed due to the algae blooms.
Highway 40 closures due to the Dollar Ridge Fire.
Mike Lee pledges long term attack on Utah's public lands.
A really fun read about the families that settled Kolob Mountain.
Wiper were planted recently in Deer Valley Lake, Pole Canyon, Salem Lake, Settlement Canyon, and Spring Pond.
Big Betsy is now flying in Pleasent Grove after some delays and repairs.
States largest English Walnut Tree discovered.
Article we missed from a few weeks back on catching Channel Cats.
Please stop flying your drones around forest fires. It causes crews to ground their planes.
Water in Settlement Canyon is low, residents in Tooele asked to cut back on water use.
Utah Outside has a good article on hiking in the Uintas.
Payson is paying $36,000 to tell people they can come hang out there.

Upcoming Events

Beer Bands and Public Lands in Lander Wyoming this Saturday July 7th.
Qual Creek Reservoir will be closed to the public July 10th and 11th for water treatment.
Camp Roger 70th anniversary July 7th from 3 to 8 pm. There will be smores.
Many of the state parks are offering outdoor yoga classes this month.

If you have news to report, want to add an event, or submit a picture just email [email protected].

This week's picture is from Strawberry Reservoir just a few hours after the Dollar Ridge fire started.

Strawberry Fire