Utah’s Outdoor News 8-17-18

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Utah's Outdoor News for the week of 8-17-18. In Salt Lake County we can finally see the mountains again. Thanks to shifting winds that cleared out much of the California wildfire smoke. Not all areas of Utah are as lucky though. Several local fires are causing problems across the state. Big game hunting season has started in Utah. I hope all of our readers with tags are able to put meat in the freezer this year.

Upcoming events late summer early fall
Munchkin walk 11am on August 18th at Antelope Island State Park. - Google Calendar.
General archery deer is August 18th - September 14th.
General archery any bull elk is August 18th - September 14th.
General archery spike elk August 18th - September 7th.
Uintah Basin Adventure Days is August 25th. - DWR Facebook.
Fish Lake Perch tourney giveaway is September 1st. - DWR Facebook.
Waterfowl hunting clinic is September 8th at Desert Lake Waterfowl Management area. - DWR Facebook.
Kokanee Salmon viewing day at Jordanelle Reservoir is september 15th. - DWR Facebook.
Kokanee Salmon viewing day at Strawberry Reservoir is September 15th. - DWR Facebook.
Youth general rifle any bull elk September 15th - 23rd.
General muzzleloader deer is September 26th - August 4th.
General any weapon spike and any bull October 6th - 18th.
Early general any weapon deer October 10th - 14th.
General any legal weapon deer October 20th - 28th.
General muzzleloader elk hunt October 31st - Nov 8th.

News For The Week
A recap of the Grouse Creek Fire and how it's affected ranchers in Box Elder County. Plus West Nile Virus found in 10 test pools. - BENewsJournal.com.
Trail Mountain fire is 100% controlled, rehabilitation continues. - Sunad.com.
Fires starts near east of Bear Lake Thursday and burns to 1,400 acres. - Fox13now.com.
Utah Lake beach under warning after algae bloom. - Universe.byu.edu.
Trump team wants to make 700,000 acres of public land into private property in southern Utah. - SLTrib.com.
Article on how outdoor vandals are ruining many famous sights. - Deseretnews.com.
Highway 6 closed for a couple of days due to fire, is now open. - HeraldExtra.com.
Cutthroat Trout at Strawberry Reservoir and other areas are heading to deep water. - HeraldExtra.com.
Lehi City wants to remove a 100 year old bridge that spans the Jordan River. - KSL.com.
Animation shows how California wildfire smoke made it's way to Utah. - Fox13Now.com.

Fishing Report.
Tube Dude had a good post as always on BFT about fishing Echo. - BFT.
LOAH had a new post on mid summer fishing. He has some huge Tiger Trout pics. - UtahWaterLog.
For the last week and a half only Rainbow Trout have been stocked in Utah. These were mostly in the high elevation lakes.

This week fishing picture was sent in from Jeremy. He was fishing in southern Utah with his family when he landed this beautiful Rainbow Trout. If you have any news, or pictures you would like to submit please email [email protected].

Thousand Lake Mountain Rainbow Trout.