Utah’s Outdoor News 9-7-2018

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Utah's outdoor news for the week of September seventh, 2018. The temps are dropping slightly and the leaf's are changing color. The Kokanee Salmon are also changing color for the fall. There is a new moon this weekend, which means fishing should be excellent in the daylight hours.It also means that conditions will be perfect for some night sky photography.

Night Sky Photography

To take good photos of night sky photography you need two things. A camera on a tripod, and very little light pollution. Camping in the mountains is a excellent way to avoid the city light pollution. Although you don't need to go far. I've taken several beautiful night sky photos within 20 minutes of Salt Lake City. You also don't need to stay up all night to take the photo. Usually an hour and a half after sunset is the best time to get a photo of the stars. Here is a basic guide of the settings you will need on your camera. You will need to focus your camera as far as possible. To do this with autofocus turned on find a bright light really far away and focus on the image. Then you will need to turn your autofocus off. Set your camera to Manual, and make sure it is set to raw. Your shutter speed will typically be set to around 30 seconds or longer. These basics should have you snapping the Milky Way. However if you want to take truly beautiful pictures you will need to do much more research. One of the best guides I've found is the Milky Way NightScapes ebook by Royce Bair. The ebook is 20 bucks but it makes the process so simple and quick that I feel it's worth every penny.


The new George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Wildlife Education Center at Farmington Bay provides a gateway to the stunning Great Salt Lake wetlands. The education center and its nature trails opened to the public on September 5, 2018. - Wildlife.Utah.Gov.
Thanks to social media, crowds keep discovering Utah’s ‘undiscovered’ scenic gems — and they’re laying waste to their beauty. Sltrib.com.
Target shooting now illegal on over 2000 acres of public land west of Utah Lake. - HeraldExtra.com.
Feds hurting Lake Powell to prop up Lake Mead, scientists warn. - Tucson.com.
Washington County celebrated Ivin's Reservoir, the oldest reservoir in the county at 100 years old. - StGeorgeUtah.com.
Fire managers monitor wildfire in part of Bryce Canyon National Park. - StGeorgeUtah.com.
7 Utah daytrips for the entire family. -KSL.com.
Fire updates: Tervels Fire nearly contained; take an aerial view of 2 fires near Kamas. - KSL.com.

Upcoming Events

Waterfowl hunting clinic is September 8th at Desert Lake Waterfowl Management area. - DWR Facebook.
The Starvation Walleye Classic fishing tournament is September 8th and 9th. - StarvationClassic.com.
Kokanee Salmon viewing day at Jordanelle Reservoir is September 15th. - DWR Facebook.
Kokanee Salmon viewing day at Strawberry Reservoir is September 15th. - DWR Facebook.
Kokanee Salmon Viewing day at Sheep Creek(Flaming Gorge) is September 15th. - DWR Facebook.
Youth general rifle any bull elk September 15th - 23rd.
General muzzleloader deer is September 26th - August 4th.
General any weapon spike and any bull October 6th - 18th.
Early general any weapon deer October 10th - 14th.
General any legal weapon deer October 20th - 28th.
General muzzleloader elk hunt October 31st - Nov 8th.

This week's picture is of a lake that I've been skunked at several times. The beautiful Little Dell Reservoir. If you would like to add any news, events, or submit a picture email me at junesucker@gmail.com.

Little Dell Reservoir.