Utah’s Weekly Outdoor News 10-19-18

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Utah's weekly outdoor news for the week of October 19th 2018. It's been a few weeks since I did a weekly outdoor news article. I had a baby a few weeks back, which can be a bit time consuming. Expect to keep seeing these articles come out more consistently going forward. Some of you younger readers wont remember that Utah used to have a general fishing season. In 1942 the general state fishing season was from June 14th to October 18th. Which meant not only was there no ice fishing but some of the best fall fishing was also off limits. This is the time of year when fish are fattening up for the winter time. Shore fishing will become easier as temperatures drop, and fish head to the shallows. In the next month lakes will start to freeze. Once again junesucker.com will be the first website to report this each week. So make sure you check back weekly.

Outdoor News

KSL has an article on fishing Bear Lake without a boat then goes on to describe fishing in a boat. - KSL.com.
Pugstones Sporting was in Garden City was recently destroyed when a semi truck lost control and smashed into it. Darin ran an awesome sporting goods store and I've purchased from him several times in the past. Hopefully he can rebuild bigger and better. - Good4Utah.com.
Pelican Lake was poisoned with rotenone in order to remove invasive carp. - BigFishTackle.com.
East Canyon Reservoir tagged 100 Rainbow Trout. To participate you must register which is $5. - EventBrite.com.
Maple Lake was treated with rotenone in order to remove invasive goldfish. - Wildlife.Utah.Gov.
Drought relief may be in sight this year, after 16" of snow hits Geyser Pass Trailhead - MoabSunNews.com.
Rockport Reservoir has turned off the water and closed the restrooms in the Juniper Campground. - Twitter.com.
Garden City community rallies to rebuild business destroyed by semi truck - KSL.com.
TubeDude had a good post on fishing Pineview this week over on BFT. - BigFishTackle.com.
Utah river conditions updated today. - WesternRiverFlyFishing.com.
Utah loves its hunting, fishing and wildlife watching. - KSL.com.
Forest Service reduces closures still in place from Pole Creek, Bald Mountain fires. - HeraldExtra.com.
USU researchers find more fencing did not fully protect massive aspen colony. - HJNews.com.

Random History

Fishing permit prices in 1946
Male over 16 and over - $2.00
Male over 12 and under 16 - $1.00
Female 16 and over - $1.00
Non Resident
Full season - $3.00
Special 10 day $1.50

Fishing Updates

Grantsville Reservoir was stocked with some 14" Brown Trout last week. Locomotive Springs was stocked on Wednesday with Rainbow Trout. Otter Creek and Panguitch Lake were stocked this week with a bunch of Rainbow Trout. Looks like I forgot to add a page for Panguitch Lake. I will do that this week.

Upcoming Events

Tomorrow October 20th is the start of the general any weapon deer hunt.
Nature walk at Swaner Preserve in Park City. Saturdays 8:30 am to 10:30 am.- SwanerEcoCenter.org.
Monsters in the Desert. Learn about Gila Monsters at Snow Canyon State Park October 20th. - Google Calendar.
Ghosts of Camp Floyd. Is Camp Floyd haunted? find out October 20th at Camp Floyd. - Google Calendar.
Darin from Pugstones Sporting is putting on a Lake Trout Derby Nov 2nd - 10th. Go support him. - Facebook.com.
The DWR is putting on a waterfowl hunting seminar for beginners on October 24th in Farmington. - Facebook.com.
What to expect at 11th Annual Utah Snow and Avalanche Workshop October 26th, and 27th. - UtahOutside.com.
Love Your Lake Beach Cleanup and Community Cookout October 27th Lake Powell. - LakePowellLife.com.

Today's picture was submitted by Nick Lloyd. He fished the Ladders area of Strawberry Reservoir, and was able to take his son fishing for the first time ever. Good on you Nick for bringing more youth into the sport.

The Ladders area of Strawberry Reservoir.