Utah’s Outdoor News 7-20-18

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This week in Utah's outdoor news for the week of June 20th 2018. Fishing records were set, the heat continued, and moose came to play in neighborhoods again. With the heat the DWR is still asking anglers to keep all Kokanee caught at Flaming Gorge. Next week will be pioneer day, if you go out exploring be sure to send a trip report and pictures to [email protected] for a feature.

In The News.

Virgin BMX receives donation from Red Bull for track improvements - CedarCityNews.
West Nile Virus is back again for the summer. Now in 3 Utah counties -KSL.com.
Crooked Creek fire near San Pete is getting rowdy - KUTV.com.
Monsoon season in the southwest deserts has started - MoabTimes.com.
Zion Mt Carmel highway has reopened, other damaged trails are still closed - StGeorgeNews.
Study link air pollution to drop in national park visitors - Standard.net.
Pedestrian route opens from Trapper Park to Logan Canyon HJNews.com.
Keep your eyes open for this gentleman lost in the Uintas near Crystal Lake - KSL.com.
Knowing Species types a benefit to outdoor enthusiasts HJNews.com.
259 fisherman have completed the Utah Cutthroat Slam this year @utahcutthroatslam.
Preventing wildfires is everybody's responsibility - Davis Clipper.
Dollar Ridge fire as of last night was at 85% containment - UtahFireIno Twitter.
Former Moab mayor pushes for city to double size and annex land - MoabSunNews.com.
A new dinosaur species was discovered in Utah - KSL.com.
Catch and release record for Golden Trout was broken

Posted by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on Wednesday, 18 July 2018



Fishing Report

Jordanelle was stocked with 22495 Wiper and Scofield was stocked with 11776 Wiper. The Wiper were only 2" in length. Several of the Uintas lakes have been stocked with Brook Trout. Lots of reports coming in from the Uintas of good fishing. Bass fishing is heating up at the lower elevation lakes. BFT had a good post on a big Kokanee at Strawberry. Utahwildlife.net had a good post on catching channel cats on the Jordan.

Upcoming Events

Tonight there is a scorpion walk at Antelope Island State Park - State Park Calendar.
Pioneer day picnic at Glen Canyon Lonley Dell Ranch - CedarCityUtah.com.
Handgun basics with the DWR registration - DWR Calendar.
Archery turkey hunting seminar at Lee Kay public shooting range - DWR Facebook.
Come see bats in Moab. DWR biologists will catch bats in nets. DWR Calendar.

Last weekend I hiked to Whiskey Island Lake which is in the Bear River Drainage of the Uinta Mountains. The lake has some beautiful arctic grayling in it. I'm working on a video of the hiking route to the lake. I've talked to several people that have gotten lost trying to hike there. Expect this video in the next couple of weeks. Below is a random picture of the lake that looked kind of boring. I made black and white so people would think its artistic and a better photo then it was.

Whiskey Island Lake.