Utah’s Outdoor News 7-27-2018

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Welcome to Utah's outdoor news for the week of July 27th 2018. I hope you all had an amazing 24th of July celebration this week. For those that live near me you can now stop lighting off fireworks at midnight. Next week there will be no news, so I made this one extra special. If you have any news to report, or you would like to submit a picture for the weekly news email [email protected].

Upcoming News

Cedar Breaks National Monument Summer Star Party, July 28th -  VisitCedarCity.com.
The Heber Outdoor Festival is only a few weeks away, and it awesome - HeberOutdoorFestival.com.
The DWR is hosting a field dressing clinic in Cedar City August 4th - DWR Facebook.
Come pet some big sweeties and learn to shoot bows August 4th at the Lee Kay Center - Wildlife.Utah.gov.
The Antelope Island midnight bike ride is tonight from 9 pm to 12 - Google Calendar.
The Full Moon Walk at the Great Salt Lake is tonight. Half mile flat terrain walk - Google Calendar.
Day of The Cowboy celebration and picnic is tomorrow at Camp Floyd State Park - Google Calendar.

Site Updates

Have you ever looked at the fish stocking report and noticed the strange abbreviations next to the Uinta lakes? Did you wonder what they mean? I recently updated several areas of the Uintas page on junesucker.com. Back when the state was being surveyed and settled several lakes were named by their appearance. Which means we have about 15 Blue Lakes in Utah. Of course this gets very confusing so they broke the lakes down by what rivers the runoff would flow into to, called a drainage. The Uintas are broken up into several drainage's which use the abbreviation's to note their location. That way instead of saying got to Blue Lake you can say go to DF-1. This will denote the drainage and location of the lake.

News This Week

Loah put up a new post with some beautiful Brook Trout pics - UtahWaterLog.BlogSpot.com.
Native American groups gather at Bears Ears National Monument - LakePowellChronicle.com.
Explosion testing going on in Nevada, may be able to feel percussion from southern Utah - StGeorgeUtah.com.
Park Services seeking volunteers to plant native plants at Horseshoe Bend - LakePowellChronicle.com.
Tooele fire getting rowdy in Middle Canyon threatens homes - TooeleOnline.com.
The drought is hurting the wild horse populations that live in deserts - KSL.com.
Found a cool post on fishing Starvation Reservoir on the BFT forum - BFT
The Dollar Ridge fire created perfect flooding conditions and 50 people had to be saved. KSL.com.
Ogden looking at upgrading the North Ogden Divide mountain road - Standard.net.
Mountain bike community rallies around trail godfather who has cancer - KSL.com.
Grant to aid geothermal research in rural Utah - KSL.com.
A fire got rowdy this week near ensign peak - KSL.com.
This firefighter's dog went missing, help him find his big sweetie KSL.com.
Cosmo left the BYU campus to go cause problems in Huntsville Standard.net.

Fishing Update

Several high mountain lakes were stocked this week with Rainbow Trout.

This week picture was taken just off the Mirror Lake Highway at Pass lake.

Pass Lake Z-5 in the Duchesne River drainage of the Uinta Mountains.