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This week in Utah’s Outdoor News in the second week of May 2018, temperatures heated up and sportsman headed to the outdoors. I’m going to try and do a recap each week of the hot topics being discussed online. I will check the local news sites, DWR, local fishing forum’s, outdoor forums, and try and give some fishing reports. If you have any news you would like covered please email [email protected].

2000 Junesucker planted in Utah Lake this week. The fish were implanted with microchips, to collect data.

first person to complete IGFA Trout Fantasy Slam is from Utah. to complete the challenge you have to catch 5 of the seven trout in a single day. Trout to choose from are brown, bull, brook, cutthroat, golden, lake and rainbow trout.

Group of people meeting to talk about the Great Salt Lake shrinking. As we mentioned in our GSL page it isn’t likely to stop soon. Also in the last month they have hit the Bear River Bay with Rotenone to remove the Carp from the Great Salt Lake.

Register for the Steinaker BlueGill Fishing Tournament. The tournament will be held on June 9th in an effort to salvage fish. Later this fall the reservoir will be drained to repair the dam. So an effort is under way to catch and transplant the fish to other fisheries.

Loah has some updates about spring fishing on his blog Utah Water Log.

Big Fish Tackle. Lots of reports on Utah Lake, although not a lot of reports on the white bass spawn yet .

Fished stocked in Utah this week. Several community ponds stocked with rainbow trout. Red Fleet and Willard Bay stocked with a few hundred thousand quarter inch long walleye. Hopefully they grow up fast.

New Utah Monument is setup for possible land grab. Keep a close eye on this one. Looks like 100,000 acres could become off limits to the public. That means no fishing or hunting.

That’s it for this week in Utah’s Outdoor News. As the temps warm up we will have many more stories to cover.