Utah Ice fishing Report Dec 6 2016

I have to apologize I’m working 7 days a week and 15 hour days, so I haven’t updates as much as I would like. Should have several more updates in the next couple of days. Look for this weekend to be awesome for Ice fishing. Remember the first person on the lake gets wet, the second catches all the fish.

North – Updated 12/6/16 Hyrum should be icing up soon, for more check the Hyrum Dam Cam.  Remeber to check fishingbearlake.com for Bear Lake reports. Haven’t heard any reports of Mantua yet, but it should be very closed to capped if not stable.

Uintas and Northeastern – 12/6/16 Most of the Uintas lakes are now capped. Other Lakes in the Northeastern area will be at least another week out.

Central – Updated 12/6/16 Just as we predicted Soldier Creek is now fishable (kind of) Looking around 3″ in the bay by UT-40. Should be perfect at around 5″ this weekend.

South Eastern – Updated 12/6/16 Huntington is getting pounded by every fisherman in Utah. The ice is thick and the fishing has been hot. Lots of people have been fishing Scofield Reservoir, although still some sketchy areas. Expect that lake to be much thicker this weekend. It’s colder than Hillary’s heart down there right now.

Southern Updated 11/23/16 Fish lake typically caps the last week in December. Check out the Fish Lake resort facebook page for more updates. Boulder Lakes should be capping soon.

Flaming Gorge – 12/6/16 Multiple reports of Firehole being at 4 to  6 inches. Lost dog should have safe ice next week. Buckboard is typically a week after Lost Dog.