Utah’s Outdoor News 9-14-18

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Utah's weekly outdoor news for the week of September 14th, 2018. This week was supposed to be all about Kokanee Salmon spawning. Then forest fire's got jealous and decided they would start getting all rowdy again. Then the state of Utah and BLM decided that they hate the outdoors. So they sold off a bunch of land to mining companies. Under the condition that they close the land to hunting and fishing.

Kokanee Spawn

Utah has over 13 lakes with populations of Kokanee Salmon living in them. Catching these fish is sometimes difficult so being able to see them up close during the spawn is a real treat. The DWR is holding Kokanee viewing events at two locations tomorrow 9-15-18. Strawberry Reservoir from 9am to 3pm at the visitors center which is the buildings right off Strawberry Bay exit at highway 40 on the Strawberry River. There is a board walk that follows the river where you can see the fish swimming. If you follow the boardwalk up to the milking station the DWR will let you hold some fish. This event is great for kids, and there is typically free food. The second event is at the Sheep Creek area of Flaming Gorge from 9am to 2pm. Fish biologists from the state will be on hand at both events to explain the milking procedure and answer questions. There was supposed to be an event this weekend at Jordanelle Reservoir however it was cancelled due to the population of spawning Kokanee being less than stellar. There will also be an event at Electric Lake on October 9th hosted by the DWR.

Kokanee Salmon Spawn.

There are several other places in Utah you can try and view Koakanee Salmon and avoid the crowds. Recently Kokanee were reintroduced to Fish Lake, and introduced to Starvation Reservoir. In the early 90's Kokanee were planted in Causey Reservoir and Stateline Reservoir. In the Uintas there are also populations in Smith and Morehouse Lake, Moon Lake, and Browne Lake. Porcupine Reservoir has had a strong population of Kokanee, and their spawn has been going strong since labor day. In the 1980's East Canyon Reservoir was frequently stocked with Kokanee. They stopped stocking the salmon after a few bad water years on the river. I saw some Kokanee caught at East Canyon 3 years ago, so it's possible they still have a small population.

Outdoor News

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Pole Creek and Bald Mountain fires nearly 70,000 acres, expected to merge. - HeraldExtra.com.

Fishing Report

Causey Reservoir right and left hard forks tributaries of the Ogden River are closed until September 30th.
Recently Brown Trout were stocked in Hyrum Reservoir and Otter Creek Reservoir. Several of the community ponds were recently stocked with Rainbow Trout.
Several community fisheries were stocked with Channel Catfish last week in Salt lake County and Utah County.

Upcoming Events

Youth general rifle any bull elk September 15th - 23rd.
Thursday, September 20th- Paint Night 7pm-9pm $15 at Freemont Indian State Park. - Google Calendar.
The National Parks band is performing at Antelope Island State Park on Saturday September 22nd. - Google Calendar.
General muzzleloader deer is September 26th - August 4th.
General any weapon spike and any bull October 6th - 18th.
Early general any weapon deer October 10th - 14th.
General any legal weapon deer October 20th - 28th.
General muzzleloader elk hunt October 31st - Nov 8th.

This weeks photo was submitted by Troy Mackay in Santaquin. You can see the fire from Bald mountain as the sun tries to push through the smoke. If you have a photo, or news you would like to submit please contact [email protected].

Pole Creek Fire