Utah’s Outdoor News 6-22-18

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Welcome to Utah's weekly outdoor news. In the week of June 22nd 2018 there was lot of fires, fishing and freaking out about algae blooms. Browsing through Facebook and other forums we noticed lots of pictures of Kokanee being caught.

In The news

The transfer from public land to no fishing no hunting land has began. A Canadian mining firm will soon block off the public to the Colt Mesa area. The location of the mine will be in the Plateau, Boulder/Kaiparowits hunting unit just west of the Moody Creek Road.
38,000 Splake stocked in Jordanelle yesterday. This is the first time Splake have been stocked there.
KSL had an awesome article on how national parks deal with poop.
More algae blooms, this time at Rockport. Although not too serious.
5 hikes to water destinations in Utah County.
Flock of Seagulls get new band, um I mean geese get new bands.
Parking restrictions at Horse Bend Overlook to do overcrowding.
Bears Ears in the news again.
200 Bonneville Cutthroat moved from Manning Meadow Reservoir to Clear Creek.
Awesome video of what looks like a moose swimming across Lost Creek Reservoir.

Fire Danger

Fires getting rowdy near Trail Mountain. Which is just northeast of Joe's Valley Reservoir. With closures in the area.
Wild fires getting disorderly near Utah Lake.] Fires getting unruly in Rush Valley near Rush Lake.
Monviso fire getting disruptive in the Uinta Mountains.

Upcoming Events.

The Hill Air Force Base Air show will be going on this weekend.
Disabled Veterans fishing event is this Saturday 6/23 on the Soldier Creek side of Strawberry Reservoir.
The Catch A Cure walley/bass tournament will be this Saturday 6/23 at Starvation Reservoir all proceeds to go benefit Camp Hobé.
Fremont State Indian Park is hosting a ATV ride in movie this Saturday 6/23.
Bring your dog to Antelope Island Sunday 6/24 for a guided walk from 5 to 7pm.

Site updates

I added a page for Julius Flat Reservoir.

If you have news you want covered or would like to submit a photo please email [email protected]. This week no one submitted any pictures so instead here is a picture of a horse I saw.